Monthly Archives: December 2008

The year in review…

Some amazing photos, well worth a look



Flight of the Concords – Lip dub battle

Genius campaign to promote next Flight of the Concords series. 

Whopper Virgins

Charity 2.0

Childs i Foundation is a fantastic new charity set up using web 2.0 principles to raise awareness and be as transparent as possible. They are not asking for your money (yet!) but just that you join their community and lend your support in whatever way you can. Get involved here…


Social Media Predictions 2009

Sorry more social mediasms…Found this presentation on jaffejuice – essentially 15 great marketing minds in the states have got together and produced their predictions for Social Media in 2009.  The good news is that we’ve done quite a few of their predictions already in 2008 (mercurial vapor)..Always knew we were ahead of our time…read the presentation here


8 essential free social media monitoring tools

God it seems to be social media this, social media that at the moment…find out how people are talking about your brands in the social mediasphere with one of the tools outlined here

Bon Jovi named top touring act of the past 12 months

Music Week report that 2 million people attended 100 sold-out Bon Jovi shows between November 2007 & 2008, with NME reporting they scored 3 times as much revenue as The Spice Girls grossing a massive $210m….shocking really.  We’d much rather those 2 million people had gone to watch this chap…