Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

What is it with the music corps?

So nothing really that new here but… i made a little film to supplement my dismal photoshop skills with some premier. Just a little film to a Gram Parsons track full of love and appreciation. So I put it on YouTube and a handful of people watch it, some of them actually rate it. This makes me happy.

Warner pulls it from YouTube for infringement.

Now, i know that i’m a bad person, what i did isn’t strictly legal and by using the track I’m sure Gram, if he were still with us (bless his soul), would hunt me down. But in no way was my little film trying to profit from the track.

If anything, should someone see my little film, like it and be introduced to the music, they may well then go out and buy a cd – I would and do. If anything I’m acting as an advocate for Warners product, helping them raise awareness of it and helping them shift more cds.

I now hate Warner. I’m now on The Hype Machine.

When will they learn.

Rant ends.