Daily Archives: February 6, 2009

Hi-De-Hi Camp(Bestival)ers…

In an era of festivals being launched with full page ad in the NME, the legend that is Rob Da Bank has taken an entertaining approach to launching 2009’s Camp Bestival festival….hosted by none other than, er, Peggy from Hi-De-Hi, aka Su Pollard.  Weird.  Nice to see a concert promoter embracing the modern age with an entertaining launch mechanic.


Yeah Dave – any chance you get me this CD?!

EMI Music has teamed up with Diageo to publish ‘Guinness 250 – Music from the TV ads’. The CD will feature 17 tracks and will coincide with the St James’ Gate Brewery 250th anniversary. (Source: drinkbus p50)

Word of the Day for Friday, February 6, 2009

erstwhile \URST-hwahyl\, adjective, adverb;
Also used as an adverb, meaning formerly.:
Before I move, I will tell off my erstwhile friends.
by 1569, from Middle English erest “soonest, earliest” + while.

Hennessy Ad – yeah, you know it…

Hennessy Ad

London Graffiti, 1980s to early 90s, with remix of Dizzy Rascal

Reordering an O2 billboard in East London. A film from CutUp Collective

Kellogg’s drops Phelps after bong controversy

Kellogg’s has become the first major sponsor to end an endorsement deal with swimmer Michael Phelps, calling his behaviour “not consistent” with its image, after the News of the World published photographs of the Olympic gold medallist smoking out of a glass pipe