Daily Archives: February 9, 2009

Google Latitude

Forget all the worries over invasion of privacy etc etc, Google Latitude does look an awfully cool and useful gizmo. One of those ‘how did we live withouts’ kinda thing.


Top 100 Social Brands

Unsurprisingly, iPhone tops the tree. The full list can be found here

#1 iPhone
#2 CNN
#3 Apple
#4 Disney
#5 Xbox
#6 Starbucks
#7 iPod
#8 MTV
#9 Sony
#10 Dell
#11 Microsoft
#12 Ford
#13 Nintendo
#14 Target
#15 PlayStation
#16 Mac
#17 Turner
#18 Hewlett-Packard
#19 Fox News
#20 BlackBerry

Sponsored YouTube channels – How they rank

Nice set of stats

Wow.. get a tan through your computer!!

Apparently 30,000 people and counting have fallen for this clever skin cancer ad… I’m definitely browner though.

You have a lot to answer for T-Mobile…

13,000 people descend on Liverpool Street station and cause havoc. The 21st century version of being Tango’d?

Youtube Vloggers give birth to a… Super Vlog

As the current #1 subscribed channel on Youtube in February so far, 4 Guys and Mhazz is, as they put it, “Youtube’s first real (AWESOME) collab channel” (and has already outsubscribed “Lifesforsharing”). 5 well-subscribed video bloggers getting together to create a new, collaborative channel. It’s pretty genius – they’ve all got different talents (comedy, music etc), all got around 3000 subscribers each, and it’s 5 times less content to generate each – is this convergence of “Super Channels” the future of youtube?

It’s an interesting concept for any brand looking to create a Youtube channel, with a long-term aim – people seem to subscribe if you promise regular content, like daily, weekly shows (and they’re interested, obviously).
If you don’t, then why would anyone subscribe to see more? Even if you are aiming to provide regular content in the future, you have to tell your audience up front – it’s like asking people to subscribe to a magazine that doesn’t have any more issues (kind of)

They’re only 7 episodes in – here’s the Monday one (It’s like the Mary Whitehouse Experience has been reincarnated, with a young David Tennant…):

Twitter’s like Marmite

You either love it or you hate it…but it is addictive.

In this new age of sharing, it has now become our time that limits our sociability. It is only when we go to sleep, or alternatively have no access to either our mobile phones or internet enabled computer (i.e. in my living room unless you are pressed against the window), that we zone out from our social networks. With thousands of followers being followed by thousands more followers, it is no surprise that we can’t keep up with the world outside the front door. Computers really are our window on the world, so much so that we can live every detail of our lives through them, no matter how small and insignificant.

Long live the social blackout of the underground system, that gives us a break from the social abnormality of digital media and let us pray that this doesn’t get compromised for those who already have enough friends but always want more. Are you listening Boris Johnson!

Now check out the video by Stuart Miles from MegaWhatTV…an accurate representation of what we are all thinking…!