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Online Journalism by the NYT done well. Example 1

This is brilliant. I love it, I really do. I won’t even try and describe it, so just go and have a play with it… here


Wannabe furniture..

Love this simple concept


Why we have got online advertising so spectacularly wrong

Quick – name four fantastic, emotionally resonant, culturally significant and successful interactive advertising campaigns from the past year.

Struggling? Well, Randall Rothenberg seems to think we are, and at his excellent I, A Bee, he puts a compelling case for re-appraising how we approach online advertising, moving away from a DM obsessed search for accountability to embracing a more creatively led approach to interactive advertising. It’s a long article, but well worth the read. Something which does come up, and something that seems prevalent in a lot of recent thinking, is the incorporating of technological experts into the creative process. In short, how can you create a great online campaign, or killer piece of execution without someone with the technological nouse to understand the possibilities available involved in the creative process. The same point was made in the fascinating New York Times article, where the company’s web and coding team were moved and interspersed amongst the journalistic team forcing both to co-collaborate on projects to pretty amazing effects.

So yeah, read.


For all you Art Fags out there….

House Music All Night Long

Emotive was born at the SoBar’s first birthday party in Summer 2003, where founders Ashley Wilson and Steve Luke played a 3 hour set outside in the sunshine. Since then we have hosted many successful parties with guests including DJ Spen, Quentin Harris, Aaron Ross, Paul Trouble Anderson, Neil Pierce and Phil Asher to name but a few. As DJ’s we have played at the Ministry of Sound for Soul Heaven, Canvas at the massive 2006 MAW party, The Cross in London, in San Francisco for this year’s Summer Music Conference and all across the South of England. The Emotive sound is focused on soulful house, created and developed in New York City at clubs like Shelter and Body & Soul…

SoBar August 2007

Loads of amazing DJ sets to listen to and download…Louis Vega

Word of the Day for Friday, February 6, 2009

erstwhile \URST-hwahyl\, adjective, adverb;
Also used as an adverb, meaning formerly.:
Before I move, I will tell off my erstwhile friends.
by 1569, from Middle English erest “soonest, earliest” + while.

London Graffiti, 1980s to early 90s, with remix of Dizzy Rascal