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Google Latitude

Forget all the worries over invasion of privacy etc etc, Google Latitude does look an awfully cool and useful gizmo. One of those ‘how did we live withouts’ kinda thing.


Twitter’s like Marmite

You either love it or you hate it…but it is addictive.

In this new age of sharing, it has now become our time that limits our sociability. It is only when we go to sleep, or alternatively have no access to either our mobile phones or internet enabled computer (i.e. in my living room unless you are pressed against the window), that we zone out from our social networks. With thousands of followers being followed by thousands more followers, it is no surprise that we can’t keep up with the world outside the front door. Computers really are our window on the world, so much so that we can live every detail of our lives through them, no matter how small and insignificant.

Long live the social blackout of the underground system, that gives us a break from the social abnormality of digital media and let us pray that this doesn’t get compromised for those who already have enough friends but always want more. Are you listening Boris Johnson!

Now check out the video by Stuart Miles from MegaWhatTV…an accurate representation of what we are all thinking…!

Mobile Futures – Faris Yakob

Super little PDF by Faris Yakob on mobile trends. Here

Contagious 2008 round up…

All things cool in 2008 – and in to 2009

And the most popular app downloaded on Android is..


250,ooo downloads, and counting. Also in the top 10 we find Bonsai Blast and Brain Genius Deluxe

Follow Your INSTINCT with Samsung on YouTube

Portable social graph – Facebook Connect

A great deck from Razorfish about the potential of portable social graphs, using Facebook Connect as an example. Another example of the what semantic web could mean and of ambient intimacy: