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100 dances and 100 songs

Quite surreal, very camp, pretty enjoyable


BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.


Hennessy Ad – yeah, you know it…

Hennessy Ad

Looking good there Kanye…

Pop star lesson number 1:
Always make sure the people around you look worse than you…

Call Cutta in a Box

The latest in innovative theatre as picked up by Springwise. 

Call Cutta in a Box is one on one and therefore interactive theatre. Dubbed “intercontinental phone play” it marries creativity with call centre efficiencies to deliver a personal entertainment experience.  

Call Cutta in a Box

Aretha’s Hat

Genius flickr appreciation/support group – courtsey of ewarwoowar.

Aretha's Hat

Lego does Hip Hop

As album covers

hiphop-legomen1 I love that my two tages were ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Lego’. Should mix more often. Check out the whole lot here.

Technology in 2009

The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers 2009 brochure is totally ace. Have a look if you have a spare few minutes. We’ve all been enjoying the comms revolution for some years now so it’s interesting to see where the next explosion will occur. Graeme Douglas highlights a couple that impress him, and for what it’s worth, my prediction is personal medicine. Also, possibly, energy. But everyone has been saying that for years. Some really interesting health related technologies in here, Graeme Doulgas’ favourite includes biodegradable micro chips in medicines which then send a raft of data to patches on the skin. This is then transported, through the user’s phone, to their doctor or whoever.


The possibilities would be endless and provide almost real time data about how a body reacts to a treatment. Exciting, no?