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Word of the Day for Monday, February 9, 2009

toady \TOH-dee\, noun, verb:
1. a fawning flatterer; humble dependent
2. to attempt to gain favor by fawning or being servile
The freshman was the senior’s toady even though many made fun of her.
They came backstage and toadied to the actor.
c 1690 for noun, possibly shortened from toad-eater “fawning flatterer,” originally referring to the assistant of a charlatan, who ate a toad (believed to be poisonous) to enable his master to display his skill in expelling the poison. The verb is recorded from 1827.

Prescott’s Facebook campaign takes aim at RBS bonuses

JabbaFormer deputy prime minister John Prescott is using Facebook to mount a ‘people power’ campaign to stop RBS handing out taxpayers’ money in bonuses.

The bank is under fire from the MP following reports that it is preparing to hand out £1bn in bonuses, despite having received a £20bn rescue package from the government.

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Word of the Day for Sunday, February 8, 2009

highhanded \HAHY-HAN-did\, adjective:
acting or done in a bold, arbitrary way
He wants to be seen as less bossy and highhanded.
by 1631, from “a high hand: with imperious or absolute exercise of power” c 1382

Word of the Day for Saturday, February 7, 2009

denigrate \DEN-i-greyt\, verb:
to attack the character or reputation of; defame
My sister denigrates her husband in every conversation.
by 1526, from Latin denigratus/denigrare “to blacken, defame,” from de- “completely” + nigr-, stem of niger “black,” of unknown origin.

Yeah Dave – any chance you get me this CD?!

EMI Music has teamed up with Diageo to publish ‘Guinness 250 – Music from the TV ads’. The CD will feature 17 tracks and will coincide with the St James’ Gate Brewery 250th anniversary. (Source: drinkbus p50)

Kellogg’s drops Phelps after bong controversy

Kellogg’s has become the first major sponsor to end an endorsement deal with swimmer Michael Phelps, calling his behaviour “not consistent” with its image, after the News of the World published photographs of the Olympic gold medallist smoking out of a glass pipe