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Be your own investment banker..

Thanks to Zopa..

Zopa, known as the ebay of lending works on that famous online commerce principle of disintermediation – the idea that two parties can engage directly in profitable exchange without needlessly lining the pockets of half witted third parties. Zopa itself allows you to lend money to people at a rate and level of risk you choose. You can either spread your investment across a large number of borrowers, or pick and choose who you lend to. Borrowers requests even come complete with photographs and bios…

Make you wonder if it will do Morgan Stanley what Ebay did for Cash Converters. I do hope so…

Kiva is another similar site, but specialises in providing interest free loans to small business in the developing world. Hence a perfect way to provide assistance to others while bypassing those painfully smug, self-righteouse, hugely wasteful and overly politicised charitable organisations

As a side note, this was taken from Rory Sutherland’s excellent fortnightly ‘The Wiki Man’ column in the Spectator. Thumbs up.


Charity 2.0

Childs i Foundation is a fantastic new charity set up using web 2.0 principles to raise awareness and be as transparent as possible. They are not asking for your money (yet!) but just that you join their community and lend your support in whatever way you can. Get involved here…