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Prescott’s Facebook campaign takes aim at RBS bonuses

JabbaFormer deputy prime minister John Prescott is using Facebook to mount a ‘people power’ campaign to stop RBS handing out taxpayers’ money in bonuses.

The bank is under fire from the MP following reports that it is preparing to hand out £1bn in bonuses, despite having received a £20bn rescue package from the government.

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Burger King / Facebook / Curfuffle

The rather clever ‘delete 10 friends on Facebook and get a Whopper’ campaign by Burger King has unfortunately had to be scrapped. In the week or so of its existance 233,906 friends were removed by 82,771 people.

facebook-whopper-sacrifice1Facebook, unsurprisingly, isn’t too happy – it knows its value lies in those friend links. As a result, it’s banned the campaign, citing privacy reasons. Turns out that Facebook isn’t keen on apps notifying users when they’ve been ‘cut’ by another friend.

Not sure why it took a week for Facebook to work out this wasn’t a good idea for them. But regardless, further excellent coverage for Burger King.

Questioning Facebook’s advertising power

Procter & Gamble’s head of marketing, Ted McConnell, believes companies should not be advertising on Facebook as social networks have no right to monetise thier customer’s conversations.

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Orange Wednesdays come to Facebook and Bebo

Orange has launched an online film clib for fans to chat about their favourite flicks, access and lastest trailers and enter exclusive competitions.

The club is available for Facebook & Bebo users


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Ambient Intimacy

Why do we Twitter? It’s all about the ambient intimacy – from the International Herald Tribune.


Twitter reject $500 million offer from Facebook

As stated, Facebook expressed interest in acquiring micro blogging site Twitter for a number of weeks, holding private meetings with the popular microblogging start-up in October, but negotiations finally broke down at the beginning of November.

The main stumbling block was the disagreement over the price of Facebook’s stock.

Facebook was offering 3.33% of its stock valuing Twitter at $500m (£330m). This based the stock valuation on the price Microsoft paid when it purchased a 1.6% stake in the social networking site for $240m (£160m) in October 2007.

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Personally, I think Twitter are MENTAL. Great little tool, but genuinely monetisable? We’ll see…

Threshers back Facebook ‘buy a real drink’ for a friend application

LONDON – The off-licence group behind Threshers is partnering a new Facebook application, which allows people to buy their friends real rather than virtual drinks to be picked up in-store.

The application is called GetThemin who have entered into an exclusive off-trade partnership with First Quench covering around 1,500 stores across its Threshers, The Local, Wine Rack, and Haddows in Scotland brands. It is also in talks with potential on-trade partners.

The app allows people to pay for gift drinks, however the recipient must also sign up to GetThemIn and a hard copy voucher is sent through the post.

Only a limited range of drinks brands are participating in the scheme. They include well-known beers Heineken and Foster’s, Hardy’s and Blossom Hill wines, Taittinger Champagne and Teachers whisky.

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