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Everyone’s 2nd favourite discussion point…

OK, everyone is currently talking about Twitter. But close behind on everyone’s radar is the Swedish music service, Spotify.


1) …is brilliant.
2) …is virally spreading like wildfire which is great news for both the music industry & the fans
3) …’s subscriptions model is good, but from my brief research (conversations), very few are opting for the paid model
4) …have only one (mightily annoying) advertiser (the energy saving trust) and their own subs advertising
5) …will be taking an enormous financial hit at the moment to pay the artists for use of their music
6) …will need to get more advertisers on board quickly, otherwise they could face a real problem…

I really hope that Spotify proves to be a success, however, unless they get some advertisers on board they’ll face some serious funding issues.


House Music All Night Long

Emotive was born at the SoBar’s first birthday party in Summer 2003, where founders Ashley Wilson and Steve Luke played a 3 hour set outside in the sunshine. Since then we have hosted many successful parties with guests including DJ Spen, Quentin Harris, Aaron Ross, Paul Trouble Anderson, Neil Pierce and Phil Asher to name but a few. As DJ’s we have played at the Ministry of Sound for Soul Heaven, Canvas at the massive 2006 MAW party, The Cross in London, in San Francisco for this year’s Summer Music Conference and all across the South of England. The Emotive sound is focused on soulful house, created and developed in New York City at clubs like Shelter and Body & Soul…

SoBar August 2007

Loads of amazing DJ sets to listen to and download…Louis Vega

Yeah Dave – any chance you get me this CD?!

EMI Music has teamed up with Diageo to publish ‘Guinness 250 – Music from the TV ads’. The CD will feature 17 tracks and will coincide with the St James’ Gate Brewery 250th anniversary. (Source: drinkbus p50)

London Graffiti, 1980s to early 90s, with remix of Dizzy Rascal

Paul’s Boutique

Cool little site for the 20th anniversary remaster.

Pauls boutique





(Makes me feel old as well.)

What is it with the music corps?

So nothing really that new here but… i made a little film to supplement my dismal photoshop skills with some premier. Just a little film to a Gram Parsons track full of love and appreciation. So I put it on YouTube and a handful of people watch it, some of them actually rate it. This makes me happy.

Warner pulls it from YouTube for infringement.

Now, i know that i’m a bad person, what i did isn’t strictly legal and by using the track I’m sure Gram, if he were still with us (bless his soul), would hunt me down. But in no way was my little film trying to profit from the track.

If anything, should someone see my little film, like it and be introduced to the music, they may well then go out and buy a cd – I would and do. If anything I’m acting as an advocate for Warners product, helping them raise awareness of it and helping them shift more cds.

I now hate Warner. I’m now on The Hype Machine.

When will they learn.

Rant ends.

Bon Jovi named top touring act of the past 12 months

Music Week report that 2 million people attended 100 sold-out Bon Jovi shows between November 2007 & 2008, with NME reporting they scored 3 times as much revenue as The Spice Girls grossing a massive $210m….shocking really.  We’d much rather those 2 million people had gone to watch this chap…