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Clay Shirkly on group action getting faster..

Was lucky enough to see him speak the other day… and the lovely people at madebymany have put together a great summary of the talk itself. Thanks

We have a video of his talk at the ICA which I hope to post up at some point in the near future.


Bucket and Spade Politics

With all the talk of ground-breaking digital campaigns, 30min TV slots and word-of-mouth advocacy, marketers should never forget the humble sandcastle.

The piece is entitled “Expectation”¬†and is made of 650 tons of sand and gravel. It can be found in Barcelona and was the work of artist, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.Sometimes I feel like I'm in Barcelona...

Dear Mr President

Very cool little gizmo from Pepsi allows you to upload a video of yourself starting with ‘Dear Mr President’


More clever, perhaps, is that this little device can be housed in your standard advertising banner/MPU. Nice

Yes Pecan!

To celebrate yesterday’s occasion in creamy, nutty style..