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Twitter’s like Marmite

You either love it or you hate it…but it is addictive.

In this new age of sharing, it has now become our time that limits our sociability. It is only when we go to sleep, or alternatively have no access to either our mobile phones or internet enabled computer (i.e. in my living room unless you are pressed against the window), that we zone out from our social networks. With thousands of followers being followed by thousands more followers, it is no surprise that we can’t keep up with the world outside the front door. Computers really are our window on the world, so much so that we can live every detail of our lives through them, no matter how small and insignificant.

Long live the social blackout of the underground system, that gives us a break from the social abnormality of digital media and let us pray that this doesn’t get compromised for those who already have enough friends but always want more. Are you listening Boris Johnson!

Now check out the video by Stuart Miles from MegaWhatTV…an accurate representation of what we are all thinking…!


Prescott’s Facebook campaign takes aim at RBS bonuses

JabbaFormer deputy prime minister John Prescott is using Facebook to mount a ‘people power’ campaign to stop RBS handing out taxpayers’ money in bonuses.

The bank is under fire from the MP following reports that it is preparing to hand out £1bn in bonuses, despite having received a £20bn rescue package from the government.

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London Graffiti, 1980s to early 90s, with remix of Dizzy Rascal

Social Media Optimisation

New snappy term from Ogilvy.. nice. Good presentation too

The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report


All 85 pages worth – but filled with wealth of great thinking and analysis about the current and emerging digital/online world. Enjoy it here