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The best complaint letter ever written?

A WCRS employee got the hump while flying Virgin Atlantic to India. So he wrote this. Still some debate over whether this is a genuine letter or simply a stunt. Regardless, it’s very funny.


The bank of Branson…

Richard Branson’s Virgin Megastores helped see the music industry through the good times of the 80s, and he bankrolled the store chain through the 90s and 00s when the business was struggling. Eventually he gave up the ghost and agreed to sell his failing enterprise to management for a token ¬£1. Finally he was free of the albatros….well, no actually, it turns out Virgin are still underwriting Zavvi and Branson’s company could now be hit with a bill for ¬£millions. According to The Times, Woolworths administrators are calling in a ¬£106m debt owed to their failed distribution arm, EUK, which could lead Zavvi into administration. Ouch…

Posted by Dave Chase, head of music partnerships at Mindshare