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Yammer… online tools to help your organisation work better

Just been informed about this tool by Mrs Not Another Mindshare Blog – so thought I’d have a look. Quite simply it’s a twitter style service tailored specifically for private networks. These networks are business related; your registered email address links you automatically to fellow employees (i.e other Mindshare employees) which creates a Mindshare specific closed social networking site.

There are plenty of these services popping their heads up, and for organisational communication efficeincy they make a lot of sense – especially in regards to requesting and sharing information.

Yammer’s primary selling point seems to be that it’s a clever closed service for communicating across an organisation without over spamming people’s inboxes.

Like anything, it’s one of those things that with mass adoption could be rather interesting… we will see.

Have a look here (go for the video tour)… would be fun for a specific client team or department to dive in and give it a go. Especially where geogrpahical barriers exist. See how it works? Are there any real benefits? Hands up, people