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Threshers back Facebook ‘buy a real drink’ for a friend application

LONDON – The off-licence group behind Threshers is partnering a new Facebook application, which allows people to buy their friends real rather than virtual drinks to be picked up in-store.

The application is called GetThemin who have entered into an exclusive off-trade partnership with First Quench covering around 1,500 stores across its Threshers, The Local, Wine Rack, and Haddows in Scotland brands. It is also in talks with potential on-trade partners.

The app allows people to pay for gift drinks, however the recipient must also sign up to GetThemIn and a hard copy voucher is sent through the post.

Only a limited range of drinks brands are participating in the scheme. They include well-known beers Heineken and Foster’s, Hardy’s and Blossom Hill wines, Taittinger Champagne and Teachers whisky.

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