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Sponsored YouTube channels – How they rank

Nice set of stats


Youtube Vloggers give birth to a… Super Vlog

As the current #1 subscribed channel on Youtube in February so far, 4 Guys and Mhazz is, as they put it, “Youtube’s first real (AWESOME) collab channel” (and has already outsubscribed “Lifesforsharing”). 5 well-subscribed video bloggers getting together to create a new, collaborative channel. It’s pretty genius – they’ve all got different talents (comedy, music etc), all got around 3000 subscribers each, and it’s 5 times less content to generate each – is this convergence of “Super Channels” the future of youtube?

It’s an interesting concept for any brand looking to create a Youtube channel, with a long-term aim – people seem to subscribe if you promise regular content, like daily, weekly shows (and they’re interested, obviously).
If you don’t, then why would anyone subscribe to see more? Even if you are aiming to provide regular content in the future, you have to tell your audience up front – it’s like asking people to subscribe to a magazine that doesn’t have any more issues (kind of)

They’re only 7 episodes in – here’s the Monday one (It’s like the Mary Whitehouse Experience has been reincarnated, with a young David Tennant…):

Credit Crunch creates music hits…

well, web hits anyway….some bright spark has been feeding stock charts through Microsofts new Songsmith software, to create music!

Christian Bale the musical…

So Christian Bale freaks out.  It gets posted all over the internet.  Then someone puts it to music…..(warning: we didn’t say the music was any good….)

Barclay Card Create..

Interesting example of integrating UGC in the context of the wider campaign (for those that don’t know, the ad is below). Barclay Card invite you to create your own water slide video on their Youtube channel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nicely integrated idea – but who the hell is going to create their own water slide video? UGC is great, but it does needs to be something which is going to genuinely stimulate people to create. Water slides? I’m not sure….

What is it with the music corps?

So nothing really that new here but… i made a little film to supplement my dismal photoshop skills with some premier. Just a little film to a Gram Parsons track full of love and appreciation. So I put it on YouTube and a handful of people watch it, some of them actually rate it. This makes me happy.

Warner pulls it from YouTube for infringement.

Now, i know that i’m a bad person, what i did isn’t strictly legal and by using the track I’m sure Gram, if he were still with us (bless his soul), would hunt me down. But in no way was my little film trying to profit from the track.

If anything, should someone see my little film, like it and be introduced to the music, they may well then go out and buy a cd – I would and do. If anything I’m acting as an advocate for Warners product, helping them raise awareness of it and helping them shift more cds.

I now hate Warner. I’m now on The Hype Machine.

When will they learn.

Rant ends.

Brand advocates.. A case study right here

So, we all know the theory. The basic idea that our greatest and most effective communications tool, especially online, comes from brand’s customers themselves eulogising about a product or service to their friends, peers, readers, viewers etc.

And again, we all know that we can help facilitate this by providing the appropriate information and resources to these individuals.

Big deal, nothing new here. Well, to spice things up a bit, if you look below at the T-Mobile – ‘Survival of the Quickest’ post below you’ll see a real life case study occurring within this very blog.

The story itself is seems to be about the very nice JonJonBaker posting up a copy of T-Mobile’s ‘Join The Dance’ advert on his YouTube channel minutes before the official channel went live, therefore achieving, to date, over 1.3 million views from those searching for the advert after it broke on national TV.

T-Mobile, or Saatchi & Saatchi, for that matter, may well have looked upon dear JonJon as a pesky little party pooper who deprived them of at least 300k views to the T-Mobile official channel. Understandably too, you may say.

Instead, clearly someone has decided that JonJon is far better as a friend than a foe. I have no idea the exact dialog between the two parties, but as stated in the comments, JonJon has certainly been invited to take part in the campaign’s follow up viral and I imagine there may be further offerings between the two parties (exclusives on new T-Mobile video content? I don’t know, I’m simply guessing)

The result of T-Mobile embracing JonJon in this way? Well, JonJon subscribes to the T-Mobile ‘Life’s for Sharing’ channel. It is his only subscription – now viewable by the several thousand visitors to his channel than have come about from his ‘Join the Dance’ scoop.

But most interestingly? Well, see the comments section of the original post. Firstly, the follow up T-Mobile virals have been discussed in a public space, as has JonJon discussed his favourable views about the T-Mobile ad itself when challenged by Alastair in the comments.

In short, this man, who literally nicked 300,000 channel views from T-Mobile’s official YouTube channel (through no fault of his own, I should add) has been converted into a full on T-Mobile brand advocate discussing the campaign and the advert both for his own channel’s benefit, but certainly also to benefit of T-Mobile, in blogs all over the web.

Good stuff

A quick note… I have made wild assumptions on all of the above. So if I’m wrong, I apologies completely. Just an interesting, if not completely flawed, observation